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Lest we forget, all life is important

A common theme runs through Easter, Anzac Day and the Covid-19 pandemic

This year more than most we’ve been confronted with evaluating life. With Parliamentary debates and billings about lives expendable through to Acts unimaginable for many, from a menu of unborn babies to End of Lifers, served with the dilemma of what value we place on life. Such unusual, abnormal circumstances for most, confined to our ‘bubbles’, protectively insulated to ward off invasion from a viral infection, Covid-19 in all its covert coverage.

I hop back to Easter for momentary reflection to ponder the message of that occasion. How Good Friday’s Christian faith-based values and relevance are crucified and consumed with well-woven marketing, the attraction of public holidays, chocolate eggs, chicks and bunnies all marshmallowed.

Let’s not forget hot buns crossed.

Yet Easter’s real story of a man’s pain, persecution and death, then life resurrected — its essence lost in the lure of PR magic and marketing embellishment. Though not just at Easter. How a cause is campaigned, fashioned, shaped with a champion, cleverly driven, diverting and detracting with strong PR messaging.

Onward. Tomorrow the theme of life, death, duty continues. This Anzac day as always and ever, commemorating and honouring our Anzacs and veterans. This time afar albeit united in isolation. #StandAtDawn 0600 hours at our gateway, our driveways, fully patriotic in commemoration. The tragedy of bloodied warfare, sacrifices, hearts-bled, lives and loves lost, a generation. We remember. Ka maumahara tonu tatou. Lest We Forget.

Our generation combats a Covid virus with its sights zeroed in on aged, infirmed, terminally ill, “End of Lifers”. No target yet of babies unborn. What value is life when aborted its value?

A virus upstaged left by Jacinda Ardern who led a beguiled New Zealand obliging to lockdown now languishing.

And in precaution and steps as of life necessity taken, we were preached and speeched at in ministerial sermon.

Reinforcement and repetitive asserting of “we went hard and went early”, incongruous though with actuality.

With a feverish fervour for daily news, rates and figures, we battle a virus of viral proportions. New Zealand, a nation at war for dear life, at what cost is life valued?

The ‘ayes’ have it, a minister primed, leading Pied-Piper her government, a Parliament all in tow, unhesitatingly pro-life.

Unprecedented. Against an invisible virus gone viral. Too much to ask for an encore perhaps to value all life at referendum arriving?

With New Zealand at level 4 — some might say for a few days too many — we ponder the cost and priorities of a nation while weighted with worry of our health/wealth, our people, economy, our lives and our value, our values. Alert level 3 starts on Monday one minute pre-midnight in a Government effort to mitigate, recalibrate lives and livelihoods reliant still upon tolerance and compliance.

At level 3, further public discord unpalatable of Government inconsistency, dishing out too few takeaway lines (KFC queues and McDonald’s) leaving limited appetite and consumption for other food services whilst souring taste-buds of many other business owners.

Mounting discord, confusion and distrust, in particular school alarm bells sounded. Teachers and staff alerted their ‘bubbles’ to burst by babysitting duties at the Government’s whim.

SMEs (small/medium enterprises) are waiting and wanting to provide ‘essential’ service but, essentially, a government unwilling for more shops and businesses to open. At times the Government has faltered with overreach of legislative, regulatory powers and sanctions. When questioned and probed on the legitimacy of legal actions and sanctions (road-checks, restricted freedoms of movement) we witness, in my opinion, a PM’s PR degree and cunning articulation.

New Zealand’s PM, undoubtedly caring, careering with kindness, empathy and concern, has womanaged astutely, cleverly doctoring while nursing the public through a Covid health crisis.

Though some may see also a strategic political course charted with a coming election.

We see she has heart, and a smile to match, alluring, engaged with a nation. With rhetoric repetitive, voice, visibility orchestrated, imploring and pleading, a prime ministerial performance. Ardern’s leadership to date shone resplendent, yet awaits the check of reality, economic recession. All the while hoping no lapse into depression — for then a

New Zealand at cost exposed to the risks, shortcomings (and changings?) of leadership and a government in tow.

My final words with much gratitude and appreciation for all ‘essential’ workers who have gone above and beyond in service to us for healthcare, food, welfare, safety, protection, in providing such “necessities of life”. Sincerely thank you for giving such value, valuing us during Covid-tested and ‘bubble’wrapped times. We stand together all life to be valued. In time it will dawn, not just in isolation of a Covid encounter. Lest We Forget.


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