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As MP for Whanganui I meet regularly with key people in our communities in the electorate and throughout NZ

such as local and regional councils - Whanganui District Council, South Taranaki District Council & Stratford District Council, Taranaki Regional Council and Horizons Council – local First Responders – the NZPolice and FENZ – Fire & Emergency NZ,  school principals and multiple other community groups and representatives. I also attend events and have recently enjoyed attendance at 3 NZ tourism conferences networking nationally, and recently the Whanganui Heritage Week celebrations. Here’s a snapshot of events that I’ve recently attended.

Aumangea Graduation of NZ & Canadian military service personnel













"Aumangea" – to be brave, strong, resilient, formidable, resolute, determined.

I attended the graduation of our young generation of NZDF servicemen- our NZ military personnel prepared to lay their lives on the line in defence and service of our nation. It was an honour and I was privileged to bear witness to the recognition of their preparedness to be brave, strong, resilient, formidable, resolute, determined. I honour them for their selfless service and preparedness in defence of our nation.

The graduation ceremony was at Whanganui Army 5/7 Battalion HQ- a place I have frequented since my childhood in the 1970s with my now deceased father Hoani and brother Lt Col Waata Hipango (dec’d 1999) & many friends, whanau & families of our NZDF. I have fond memories of this place and the people from decades past. And now some fond memories of my presence at the graduation as the future is in good hands and heart with the ‘tabbed’ Aumangea graduates.

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Celebration of 50 Years Firefighting

I enjoy attending in support the special occasions in our electorate. Particularly to acknowledge and honour the service of our people. Chief Fire Officer Alan Hickford of Waverley was celebrated for his 50 years firefighting service in the Waverley Fire Brigade. CFO Hickford was honoured for his half century years and hours of service to our South Taranaki (and at times Whanganui) communities. It was an evening sparked and ignited with memories and moments full of fire officers, families and fire-crackling stories.  It was a sizzler of a celebration!   

Whanganui Land Settlement Agreement in Principal signed.

with Min Andrew Little and Alaina Teki-Clark of Koroniti & Whanganui

At my home marae - Putiki Wharanui - the Crown signed an Agreement in Principal with Whanganui iwi. I stood alongside my parliamentary colleague the Hon Andrew Little, Minister of Treaty Settlements (& Justice). As haukainga (from the local marae), mana whenua (with affiliated tribal land authority) & the elected MP for Whanganui I felt and carried the immense responsibility of these roles.

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The Higgins Great Ball – Women’s Refuge fundraiser

I was thrilled to attend the Higgins Great Ball to raise funds for Whanganui Women’s Refuge. I also invited my MP colleagues the Hon Judith Collins MP for Papakura and Ian McKelvie MP for Rangitikei. The Great Ball raised over $125K and this will be well used by Whanganui Women’s Refuge to continue their service delivery to the women and families of our Whanganui and surrounding regions.

Photo with Whanganui Area Police Commander Supt Insp. Nigel Allan, me, my husband Dean MacFater, Ian McKelvie Sue McKelvie, Natasha Allan, Hon Judith Collins, Sharon Warburton – Ball Chair

Whanganui Home Show

I had a stand at the Whanganui Home Show and enjoyed mixing and mingling with the vast numbers of visitors to the Home Show and other stall holders. It was a fantastic time to connect with people. I surprised even myself at how many people I know in our communities. That’s what being local, living and languishing local for a life-time lets me do!  I love and live being local.

With the local Whanganui and Rangitikei volunteer Fire brigade officers – awesome guys who lit the room with their enthusiasm for serving selflessly our communities

Maori Tourism Portfolio

NZ Maori Tourism Dragons’ Den Awards.

As National’s spokesperson for NZ Maori Tourism I attended the NZ Maori Tourism Workshop and Dragons’ Den Awards. This was a fantastic event and celebrated the uniqueness of Te Ao Maori experience. Congratulations to the award finalists and winners

To read my Press Release click  here

Tourism Export Council Conference and Tourism Industry Aotearoa Conference

I also attended these conferences in my role as National Spokesperson for NZ Maori Tourism. They were a time of listening and learning, networking with tourism operators and industry stakeholders. Tourism has so much potential for New Zealand Aotearoa as a whole and in our electorate. Whanganui and Taranaki are definitely out there on the tourism map as destinations to visit. And to remember for special experiences, people, places and platforms.

House Happenings

You’re probably aware that there are two Bills before Parliament that are conscience votes for MPs. I have formed my views from a professional perspective with 30 years’ experience as a legal practitioner and advocate in the areas of criminal, family and child welfare and protection, youth justice  & mental health (aged care, psycho-geriatric and mentally disordered).

 Abortion Legislation Bill

I oppose this Bill.  I have examined these laws and the liberalisation of law premised on self-centred & self-interest individual “rights” vs “responsibilities” to others liberally inflicts unsafe & unsound rationale & practices which in my view threatens the notion & construct of humanity and humankind & the fundamental basis of a humane & caring society. My conscience votes and balances a responsibility & care for others before self-selected & self-entitled rights.

Click here to watch video of my speech

End of Life Choice Bill

I oppose this Bill. My stance on this is that it is an unsafe, unsound, irresponsible, repugnant & in fact dangerous piece of proposed law. The NZ legislation and prescribed safeguards under the Mental Health (Compulsory Treatment and Assessment) Act is the template for safe, culturally and care appropriate standards and procedures ensuring the absolute necessary checks and balances for our most vulnerable. The EOLC Bill should and ought to have similar checks and balances to protect our vulnerable and distressed. Despite what many of the politicians and supporters of the Bill say, it simply does not. My legal, protection and welfare professional experience advocating a professional career lifetime for the most vulnerable outweighs the experience of most if not all of the MPs speaking in favour of this abhorrent proposed law.  It is a conscience vote, and my conscience encompasses the core values of my legal training, lenses and knowledge with my values of caring for others and seeking to ensure that the most vulnerable are protected from abuses. As legislators that is what our role ought to be – to protect and to serve, selflessly and free of self-serving motivations and personal gains.

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Until next time - ma te wa

Go with care and wellness – Mauri ora



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