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Kia ora – Hello everyone!

How are you all?  I haven’t blown my 'bubble' yet and hope you are all managing well and staying within yours!  Come whatever Level and whenever it will be, when we can burst the bubbles – it will be a celebration!!

But in the meanwhile – the Government has relied heavily on NZ to listen up, lock-down and STAY safe, STAY at home, STOP the spread and SAVE lives.

The recent and new Government announcement has now alerted us all for NZ to move out of Level 4 lockdown into Level 3 at 11.59pm on Monday 27 April.

Until then – Let’s STAY in our ‘bubbles’

And as we move into Alert Level 3 for 2 weeks – still continue to act responsibly and to take care.  Then on Monday 11 May 2020 the government will again alert us to further level with us. So whilst we await being further ‘levelled’ with– we can look to the Covid19 website as the best source of information and for updates.

The Government has been very reliant on New Zealanders goodwill and nature to comply with the governments requests. 


The Golden Rules for Level 3 are to:

  1. Stay home.
    If you are not at work, school, exercising or getting ‘essentials’ then please be at home, the same as at Level 4.
  2. Work and learn from home preferably.
    The government wants the vast majority of people to stay working from home, and children and young people learning from home. ‘At risk’ students and staff should also stay at home, and they will be supported to do so.
    Early learning centres and schools will physically be open for up to Year 10 for families that need them.
  3. Make your business Covid-19 safe.
    Covid-19 has spread in workplaces, so if opening your business/workplace, please make sure (I know you will, but this is the government message) to be and stay safe in doing this so not to spread the virus.
  4. Stay local stay regional. (a bit like buy local – which we should all do much more now!) You can exercise at parks or beaches within your region, but the closer to home the better. Activities must be safe – keep 2 metres away from anybody (& everybody) who is not in your ‘bubble’. Make minimal trips.
  5.  Keep your ‘bubble’ as small as possible.If you need to, you can expand your ‘bubble’ a small amount to bring in close family, isolated people or caregivers. (So the bigger your ‘bubble’ the bigger the burst!)
  6. Wash your hands often with soap. Then dry them.
    Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
    Keep hygienic and clean.
  7. If you are sick, stay at home, quickly seek advice from your GP or Health-line about getting a test.

The COVID-19 ‘spread’ will be contained and the ‘chain-links’ will be broken if everyone is willing to play their part to STOP the spread. 


Whilst the PM and her government has courted the country through the media with daily announcements and releases, as your elected MP, my team and I have been working at ground level busily responding to and helping many distressed and concerned people in your/our communities. We have worked and been working closely connected, although from afar, via virtual technology – taking phone calls and emails, txts and messages – being Here to Help as we stay put in our ‘bubbles’ working from home


As the PM strides into press conferences solo she rides on the crest of popularity and adulation of a country waving and applauding her charm and compassion, the National Party endeavors to task and seek government accountability, challenging the government’s actions/omissions, representing public interest and voice.   The Epidemic Response Committee, chaired by Simon Bridges, is the cross party committee which endeavours to hold to account and have the government level with us all as it meets Tues, Wed and Thursday, 10.00 am – 1.30 pm. Here is link to Parliament website where you can watch live streams or video recordings of the meeting.


I with my team continue to stay connected and committed – Here to Help – so send us an email, a phone call, a txt, a message – we’re happy to be here to help where we can! We’ve adjusted to working from home and for me I’ve been re-introduced to things I’ve missed whilst being MP out and about  – cooking and cleaning and doing the dishes (not really – though it did sound good!)  And my fur-baby family pets Kiki the cat and Neo the dog –who delight in company at home as much as I delight in theirs with me.


I mustn’t forget to mention family and friends – so important for us all and the importance of having good people in our lives. So important to value them and be valued by them.


So during these COVID times whilst cooped up in our cabins, our homes, our castles, make sure to avoid a certain (cabin) fever by setting aside some time and some space to indulge in some of your own ‘me’ or ‘self’ time. To keep some balance and perspective in coping during these COVID times.  And for those of us who are in the know of neighbours or others alone and lonely – how lovely it would be for them and for you to reach out (but don’t’ touch!) to make contact and chat, whilst touching their hearts with this simple kindness and care– the smallest of gestures making the world of difference. 


We’ll get through this together. And if you happen to have any concerns or enquiries about your health, your happiness, wellbeing, your groceries, your living arrangements, how to get by, state assistance, welfare payments, financial assistance, what’s ‘essential’ what’s not, work arrangements – whatever – my team Kath in Stratford;  Jenna in Hawera; Paul, Jordan and Harete here in Whanganui – are Here to Help.


I value You all - Ko koutou he iti kahurangi

And as we head towards ANZAC day this Saturday 25 April 2020 – Let us remember our ANZACs and our NZ Veterans as #We Stand At Dawn at 0600 hours

at our gateways, our driveways, our entranceways, our course-ways, our run-ways with NZ

as We Will Remember Them.


Finally I, with my team, message you ALL to please remember also to

Look after yourself and Look out for others.  

Be careful, Take care, Go and Be well.

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui.

Be strong, be steadfast, be of good heart.




Harete Hipango  

MP For Whanganui



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